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Why Now Is The Time To Master Franchise With BrightStar Care

Why Now Is The Time To Master Franchise With BrightStar Care

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The availability of quality elder care is becoming a top priority as the U.K.’s ageing population swells. Franchises such as BrightStar Care provide solutions for senior living and create opportunities for master franchisees in the U.K, says Anthony Padulo, Executive Vice President of Domestic & International Development at BrightStar Care

The world has reached a unique time in our history where the number of ageing adults is beginning to outpace the rate of newborns.

According to Age UK, there are now more people in the United Kingdom aged 60 and above than there are under 18, and by 2040, nearly one in four people in the United Kingdom will be 65 or older. These simple statistics prove that more British citizens are requiring advanced care than ever before.

With the demand in elder care increasing, hospitals and senior living facilities are faced with a stress on available resources to provide care for all those in need. Couple this with the fact that more seniors prefer to remain in their homes as they age, and a strong demand is created for private companion care and/or skilled in-home medical care providers.

Brightstar Care is the recognized leader in the home health-care franchise industry, providing a proven business model, infrastructure, training and on-going support necessary to help franchisees launch and run successful homecare business

Why Now Is The Time To Master Franchise With BrightStar Care


• As the United Kingdom’s ageing population continues to climb, the demand for quality in-home health care has never been greater.

• BrightStar Care, a full-service home care franchise that provides both medical and non-medical care for seniors with more than 300 locations in the United States and Canada, provides an exceptional franchise opportunity for qualified partners looking to be a part of a higher standard in the healthcare industry. No prior medical experience is necessary.

• BrightStar Care is seeking experienced and sophisticated master franchisees to develop territories in the United Kingdom.

• Master franchisee candidates must have a minimum liquidity of £1,000,000 and minimum net worth of £3,000,000.

Why Now Is The Time To Master Franchise With BrightStar Care

At a Glance

Name of franchise: BrightStar Care

Established: 2005

Number of franchised outlets: More than 300 franchised locations

Locations of units: United States and Canada

Per unit investment range: The estimated startup costs for a BrightStar Care home healthcare business range from £75,000 to £140,000 for individual franchises depending on real estate prices and salary ranges in your area, as well as the size of the territory you serve.

Minimum required capital per unit: Qualified applicants must have liquid assets of £75,000 and a net worth of £400,000.

*Even though the investment range and minimum required capital are listed above on per unit cost, BrightStar Care is currently seeking a well-qualified master franchisee to acquire the rights for the United Kingdom.


Contact: Anthony Padulo, Anthony.padulo@ or call on our toll free line at 0800 086 8289

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