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Q&A: 5 Minutes With… Nikras Agha

Q&A: 5 Minutes With… Nikras Agha

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Global Franchise speaks with the co-founder and CEO of the healthy alternative to classic fast-food, Choppaluna

What type of a franchise business is Choppaluna?
Choppaluna is a new fast-casual food franchise, where great taste meets healthy food. We have a real focus on taste and what we’re doing is bringing a new dimension to the healthy-eating market.

How would you describe your role at Choppaluna?
My role is all about making sure that the brand becomes an accessible option for everyone in the U.K. and beyond. We’ve got great ambitions for the brand but making sure we always provide good value for our customers and franchisees is key.

Businesses need to push boundaries to meet the demands of ever-evolving consumer trends and tastes”

How does the business plan on disrupting the fast-casual setup?
It is really all about bringing a concept that satisfies current and future demands in the food sector. What I mean by this is offering something that is affordable, healthy and most importantly, a tasty food option that offers guiltfree indulgence while at the same time ensuring it is accessible to everyone. Consumers are always on the lookout for something new and exciting, but also a product that meets a range of their needs. In order to respond to this, businesses need to push boundaries to meet the demands of ever-evolving consumer trends and tastes. I think Choppaluna offers something that truly achieves this.

What excites you most about the world of franchising?
NA: Plenty! Franchising, like everything else, has its pros and cons. While the essence is to make sure the quality standards are always met, the most exciting part for me is the possibility of working with so many diverse franchisees and brilliant entrepreneurs from all around the world. This means there are plenty of opportunities to learn something new from each and every one of them, which I find especially interesting.

What are the major challenges you have faced when franchising the business?
In our space of franchising, the major challenges revolve around finding the right sites and making sure that we choose the right franchise partners for our brand. This helps ensure that each franchisee is a success.

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Q&A: 5 Minutes With… Nikras Agha

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