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Interview: Natasha Morgan, My Home Watch

Interview: Natasha Morgan, My Home Watch

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We talk with Natasha Morgan, founder and CEO of My Home Watch, about the Australian brand’s internationally-appealing property concept.

Vacations are great. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the working world every now and then is a crucial way to make sure you’re performing at your very best; beyond that, it’s just nice to take in a change of scenery, whether that’s an entirely new country, a new city, or even just a visit to family or friends in a nearby town.

The thing is, vacations can also come with their own stresses and issues to resolve. Who will look after my house when I’m gone, or water my plants? Who will feed the dog? What if there’s a leakage or break-in, and I’m not around to sort everything out?

These were the questions rattling around Natasha Morgan’s mind when she began considering the idea of a property care company that could alleviate some of the unnecessary stress when planning a trip.

“As a frustrated consumer, it was virtually impossible for my family and I to take a holiday,” explains Morgan. “It’s a real problem that so many face: having a trusted person that they can rely on, without the guilt of a favor being attached. I knew at that point, we needed to take action and solve this problem.”

A cover-all solution

That solution was My Home Watch; the revolutionary property franchise founded in Australia in 2016, which has gone on to find success throughout Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The brand began franchising the following year and now, in 2020, has plans to launch internationally in the U.S. – with New Zealand and South Africa being earmarked for potential future endeavors.

The real success of the brand is its diversification. While it does do exactly what it says on the tin – watch homes – My Home Watch also offers services that cover everything from pet watch, to Airbnb care, and even boat watch for nautically-inclined clientele.

We sit in a very exciting market; one that’s never been realized before globally”

“As a growing company, we are always looking for new and innovative ways in which we can support the home service markets,” says Morgan. A prime example of this is My Home Watch’s partnership with heavy-hitters in the real estate sector. These businesses were looking to outsource tasks like inspections and on-going property maintenance, and Morgan’s flourishing brand was a perfect fit: “We saw a clear gap in the market for on-the-ground field support for these types of companies and made our approach. As a company, we really enjoy assisting this industry.”

Reliable relationships

As with many property and maintenance brands, My Home Watch franchisees benefit from return clients who have seen how effective the service is, and now can’t even consider planning a trip without consulting with the brand.

Morgan’s team is able to organize a specialist who can attend a client’s home within 24 hours of booking the service, and with an 85 per cent customer conversion rate, it’s not hard to see why the franchise has plans that extend well beyond Australia. Home safety is a priority without borders, and for Morgan, the sky’s the limit.

“I see adapting to the different franchise codes and country cultures being our biggest challenges as we enter into international markets,” she explains. But this isn’t a concern: “We have a strong international development team behind us, with years of experience.”

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Interview: Natasha Morgan, My Home Watch

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