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Why Buy A Trampoline Park

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Trampoline parks have often been compared to the gym market. Agreed, they are both environments that people are active in, but a trampoline park is so much more than that! Good operators provide a fun experience that works across many demographics. Whilst there has been consolidation in the gym market, there are still a large number of franchised concepts competing for a relatively low monthly income from a consumer. The difference is that a trampoline park offers a safe fitness solution for the whole family whilst providing a level of fun and enrichment that can’t be compared to a gym visit.

In the UK, positioning parks in high footfall retail and leisure schemes has proved to be highly profitable. Furthermore, partnering with F&B and other leisure operators to create value for customers when they are visiting the mall has proved fruitful for all parties concerned. Vendors able to think laterally, without damaging the brand by discounting heavily to drive their footfall, are seeing significant returns based on loyalty with this collective multi-brand approach.

Why Buy A Trampoline Park

Established brands

The conventional high street is labouring to meet the needs of the consumer and established brands have failed to reposition themselves and embrace online shopping culture. With this changing retail environment, space is now becoming available to trusted leisure operators to provide a catalyst and a footfall-boosting shot to the arm. Landlords of major retail schemes and malls across the world are beginning to understand the need for leisure operators to provide an experience which will drive custom towards their retail tenants. There is no better time to capitalise on purchasing a proven trampoline park model.

"A trampoline park offers a safe fitness solution for the whole family whilst providing a level of fun and enrichment that can't be compared to any gym visit"

Solid partnership

It is key for potential investors to understand that the people within the franchised business have the necessary experience, drive and passion to help build a business within their territory. Money is not the answer, it’s much more than that. What is needed is a solid partnership from the outset. The industry itself has been operating successfully in the US for around 12 years, dispelling the myth that the trampoline park is a fad. Location is key and potential franchisees should align themselves with a brand that has a high-quality pipeline of real estate to ensure that the business is sustainable.

Why Buy A Trampoline Park

Mastering Europe

The opportunity in Europe is now prime for a master franchisee or investor to establish themselves across the European continent. Anyone serious about securing a master franchise in a territory should really put these simple 10 questions to the Franchisor:

1/ How many sites does the franchisor have experience in operating corporately? This doesn’t mean their franchised units!

2/ Do they have multi-units sites?

3/ What are their safety records across the whole business? Is this externally verified and if so, how?

4/ Be sure to ask what R&D on their equipment has been completed to ensure that everyone within a trampoline park is safe?

5/ How do they support their existing network of franchisees and what are their returns on investment to date?

6/ How is the franchisor going to ensure that the business remains competitive?

7/ What solutions will be provided to me as a franchisee to diversify the offering as the market matures in their territory?

8/ What experience do the leadership team have in the leisure industry?

9/ Are they members of the International Association of Trampoline Parks?

10/ Do they have experience and relationships with the territory’s largest retail landlords?

Returns can be significant, once the investment is recouped. You as the master franchisee can build equity and value as you expand a business across the territory and this can happen quickly if you are working within a proven model and executing the operations manual to the letter.

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