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8 Podcasts By Boss Ladies For Women Entrepreneurs

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If you need advice, motivation or feel stuck in your career, these female powerhouses can provide that pick-me-up on your commute to work

1. The Type A Creative with Jenni Brown
It is a fine line between creativity and commerce. How can creatives also keep on top of running a successful business? Host Jenni Brown is a writer and designer but also has a “business brain and some monster-sized ambition to match”. In her podcast, she helps creatives find that balance between being a driven entrepreneur and their inner artist. Jenni interviews leading artists who have used the power of the internet to build profitable businesses from their creative passions.

Must-listen episodes:
ARSENA SCHROEDER- Saying Yes to Your Calling
HEATHER BORN ELKINS - Bringing A Big Dream To Market

2. Promote Yourself to CEO with Racheal Cook
The path to being your own boss can be a lonely road but host Racheal Cook provides some company along the way. Each week her candid conversations deal with all that comes with stepping into the role of CEO of a business, the hard lessons learned along the way and practical, profitable strategies to grow a sustainable business while beating the burnout.

Must-listen episodes:
5 Reasons Your Business May Be Burning You Out
How to Go Pitch Yourself with Angie Trueblood

3. Skimm’d From the Couch with Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg
The co-founders and co-CEOs take it full circle, from starting their company, theSkimm, from a couch, the boss ladies bring it back to one for their podcast. The series is an insider’s take on the road to success, looking at the ups and downs of starting a business, minus the sugarcoating. The podcast is specifically geared towards giving women career advice based on their own experiences and that of their guests, including Bumble’s founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd, Sara Blakely, founder and CEO of Spanx and the list goes on.

Must-listen episodes:
Whitney Wolfe Herd: Founder and CEO of Bumble
Christie Hefner: Former CEO and Chairman of Playboy Enterprises

4. Swipe Up with Katherine McDermott
Every week Katherine McDermott, a public relations and influencer marketing expert, gives us an “influencer’s sneak peek” into the world of PR. If you’re an influencer or founder, this podcast can benefit you when it comes to mastering the shift in the billion-dollar marketing industry. Katherine promises insider interviews with top bloggers, Instagramers and YouTubers.

Must-listen episodes:
The Good, The Bad, + the Bankrupt with Diana Pearl
An Entrepreneur Who Pitched Herself to Oprah

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