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5 Boutique Fitness Franchises Worth Your Investment

5 Boutique Fitness Franchises Worth Your Investment

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The world of fitness is undeniably one that franchisees should keep a close eye on, but which innovative brands are the ones to watch?

Fitness franchises can be as successful as they are varied. Health clubs, boutique fitness centers, dance classes – the choices for which kind of gym a franchisee should invest their precious time and money in can be dizzying. And even once franchisees establish what kind of service they’ll offer, there’s a multitude of brands giving their own spin on spinning or cutting into the fat-trimming HIIT market like nobody’s business.

To help, we’ve gathered some of the most unique, exciting global franchising opportunities available today. These are the brands that have been on-the-up and are currently looking for master franchisees to expand their global presence.

1. Burn Boot Camp

This family-owned brand began franchising in 2015, and now has 210 locations in 37 states across the U.S., with over 200 units under agreement to open soon. It’s looking for franchisees throughout the U.S. and Canada; a new market for the exciting, dynamic brand.

“Burn’s proven domestic model, strong economics, outstanding turnover ratio, and exponential growth make our concept enchanting to prospective master franchisees,” says Jolene Purchia, VP of franchise development.

Why should you invest? “Bottom line, Burn Boot Camp offers more value than any other boutique fitness concept on the market today,” says Purchia. “From our complimentary child-watch, stellar 45-minute camps, personal training in a group setting, proprietary floating floor, focus meetings, universal membership policy, and nutritional guidance (all of which is included in your membership) – Burn prides itself on its unique footprint in the fitness space!”

2. ZADI Training

When Adala Bolto developed her boutique fitness studio in 2017, she was coming off the back of being a fitness franchisee herself. She strived to create a HIIT workout brand that appealed to millennial women throughout Australia and, eventually, the world.

This led to ZADI Training: a newcomer to the boutique scene and already a notable force to be reckoned with. The brand is looking to expand throughout Australia in the next 12 months, and the U.K., Asia, and the Middle East within the next two to five years.

“ZADI’s very strong branding has proven popular and timely for the target market of young professional women who want to train in a female-specific space, with workouts designed specifically for female bodies and training goals,” says Bolto. In terms of how she’d like the brand to expand, she says: “Master franchising is definitely the most preferred option for us at ZADI Training, as this will enable local operators who know the landscape, laws, and requirements of their territory to minimize complexity.”

3. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

Bearing the name of a sporting icon, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is aiming to be the premium name in the boxing workout world. The brand opened its first location in Los Angeles in 2018, and in just a year has over 100 national units in development across the U.S. The plan, according to CEO James Williams, is to reach 500 sites within five years of launch – with many of these expanding internationally. Investment for a franchise ranges from $199,850 - $566,300, and Mayweather Boxing + Fitness are keen to speak to anyone wanting to join in on the success of this rapidly growing brand.

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5 Boutique Fitness Franchises Worth Your Investment

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