Best Emerging Franchise 2019

The Global Franchise Awards are all about recognizing excellence in the world of international franchising. Our definition of an “emerging franchise” is a brand that has established a total of between one and ten locations on foreign soil.

Best Automotive Franchise 2019

Car repair and restoration, car cleaning and lubes, auto and truck renting: if your expanding franchise deals with vehicles in any way or of any kind, then this category is for you.


Best Children's & Education Franchise 2019

Among franchises qualified to enter this category are pre-school care, play, kids' exercise and educational franchises, stage and other schools.

Best Food & Drink Franchise 2019

This category is open to all franchised food and drink-based concepts. We're looking for fast casuals, QSRs, full service restaurants, cafės, bakeries, ice cream and fro-yo parlors, donut retailers, coffee shops, saloons, pubs and sports bars.


Best Fitness Franchise 2019

We welcome entries from international gyms, work-out studios, martial arts and boxing clubs, dance studios and trampoline parks and similar franchises.

Best Health & Beauty Franchise 2019

Entries are invited from internationally-expanding massage studios, spa treatments, nail or lash studios, hair care (male and female hair cutting, grooming and styling), weight control and other concepts which might be termed health or beauty.

Best Lifestyle Franchise 2019

Pet franchises, arts and crafts, dental and optical and travel, home tutoring: if your franchise isn't a fit with the other categories, it's probably a lifestyle franchise

Best Nursing & Care Franchise 2019

Whether your speciality is elder care or home care, you can earn recognition for your international brand by entering these awards.


Best Property & Homecare Franchise 2019

Entries welcomed from cleaning and janitorial, flooring, building, decorating and maintenance, fix-it franchises, garden and pool care, garage design, pest control, home inspectors, and other concepts which might conceivably be housed here.


Best Signage & Communications Franchise 2019

This category should be used by franchises whose business is print, graphic or digital signs and franchised print shops and any other franchised communications businesses.


Best White Collar Franchise 2019

Category is open to accounting, advertising, tutoring, training, HR, buy and sell franchises, legal services, real estate and similar.


Best Internet and Technology Franchise 2019

If you run a franchise that deals in IT and communications, computers, virtual office services, fintech, consumer electronics or internet cafes, then this is the category for you.

Supreme Champion 2019

The supreme champion is the ultimate Global Franchise Award and is given to the category winner which has in the opinion of the magazine's editor and staff, done the most to distinguish itself in the field of franchising. If you enter any of the categories above, you will automatically be considered for this award, free of charge.

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