Best Children’s Service & Education Franchise

Among the franchises qualified to enter this category are pre-school care, play, kids' exercise and educational franchises, stage, home tuition, language, and other schools. Think other brands can learn a thing or two from your children's or education concept? Then get entering!

Best Food & Drink Franchise

The global food and beverage industry is big business. Think your brand has what it takes to stand out in this busy marketplace? Then get entering! We're looking for franchises that operate fast-casual concepts, as well as QSRs, full-service restaurants, cafés, bakeries, ice cream parlors, donut retailers, coffee shops, saloons, pubs, and sports bars.

Best Fitness Franchise

Is your fitness or gym franchise bulking up its international operation? Then we welcome your entry - this category is open to international gyms, work-out studios, martial arts and boxing clubs, boutique fitness studios, dance studios, trampoline parks and other activity-based concepts that get the heartbeat racing!

Best Lifestyle Franchise

Do you run either a beauty-focused, spa, pet care, arts, cultural, tech-centric, crafts, dental or optical franchise? Then get entering this category. Dont' feel that your concept is a good fit the with the other categories? that means it's probably a lifestyle franchise. This is also the ideal category for low-cost and part-time/flexible franchise concepts.

Best Signage & Communications Franchise

This category should be entered by franchises whose business is print, graphic or digital signs as well as franchised print shops, and any other franchised communications or marketing businesses.

Best White Collar Franchise

If your franchise specializes in accounting, advertising, training, B2B services, business coaching, HR, buy and sell franchises, real estate or anything of that ilk, then the white collar category is the one for you.

Best Emerging Franchise

While everyone has their own definition of an 'emerging franchisor' (the IFA uses under 100 units, while others define it as royality self-sufficient), for the purposes of the Global Franchise Awards 2021, this is a franchise that was formed in or after 2015 and expanded beyond its native country.

Best Nursing & Care Franchise

Whether your speciality is elder care or domiciliary care, you can earn recognition for your international brand by entering these awards.

Best Property Maintenance Franchise

Entries welcomed from cleaning and janitorial, flooring, building, decorating and maintenance, fix-it, garden, tree and pool care, garage design, pest control, home inspectors and other concepts which might conceivably be housed here.

Global Franchise Champion

The Global Franchise Champion is the ultimate Global Franchise Award and is given to the category winner which has in the opinion of our judges, done the most to distinguish itself in the field of franchising. If you enter any of the categories above, you'll automatically be considered for this award, free of charge.

Best Franchise Law Firm

Awarded to the legal team which has provided consistently excellent service to the franchise industry, and which has promoted the cause of franchising through media involvement and whose name has become synonymous with franchising. Applicants should demonstrate an open and transparent working relationship with clients, offering consistently high quality, relevant legal advice, and promote franchise best practice.

Best Franchise Consultancy

The award goes to the consultancy firm that has consistently aided franchisors and franchisees, and has promoted the cause of franchising. If you believe your consultancy is a recognized, go-to name for those seeking advice as they begin or continue their franchising journey, and can demonstrate that you've delivered high-quality service and support and enabled growth on a global scale, enter this category!

Contribution to International Franchising Award

This is the Global Franchise Awards lifetime achievement award. It's awarded to people involved in any aspect of franchising who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to further the understanding of franchising and raise the bar of franchise practice. The judges will be looking for someone who has worked to enhance, promote and support international franchising. Through networking, collaboration, proactivity, and innovation, they will have contributed to the success and growth of franchising on a global scale.

The Global Mentorship Award

The judges will be looking for a brand that can demonstrate the highest levels of ongoing support, training, guidance, and coaching for their franchisees, enabling and empowering them to build a successful global career within franchising and demonstrating ethical codes of conduct at all times throughout all areas of the business. We don’t need to stress how difficult 2020 has been on many businesses - we want to see how you supported your franchisees or clients during the COVID-19 crisis.

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