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Top 10 Up & Coming Franchises in Asia

Top 10 Up & Coming Franchises in Asia

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Whether you wish to grow a Western franchise that comes equipped with brand recognition or you would like to be involved in a company with an infrastructure already firmly rooted in Asia, there’s a raft of exciting, plucky franchises spanning various sectors that are primed for success.

From ramen joints to educational services and everything in between, Sean T. Ngo, shares the up-and-coming franchises which are worthy of your attention.

Top 10 Up & Coming Franchises in Asia

Cha Ji Tang

Cha Ji Tang brings a new generation concept which uses floral fragrances to match and combine with Taiwanese tea with four seasonal flavors. This blend reduces the bitterness of teas, making the drink more mellow and charming and delicious.

In addition to pearl milk tea from Taiwan, there are many tea offerings featured on the menu, including Chinese tea and Herbal tea. They also serve a combination of Taiwanese and Hong Kong traditional snacks to enjoy with their freshly made teas.

Cha Ji Tang seeks to expand further into Southeast Asia and beyond.

Top 10 Up & Coming Franchises in Asia


Presotea was founded in 2006 and introduced the world’s first premium tea brewing process using an espresso machine that keeps the flavors and sweetness of the teas.

Presotea has revolutionized the conventional tea-brewing method, making freshly brewed teas that are made-to-order, tastier and healthier while other tea brands pre-brew their teas in unhygienic, bulk buckets.

Presotea teas are made fresh, have less sugar, are nutritious, and use a multi-step water filtration system to ensure the best quality and taste for its demanding consumers.

The company is owned by the Good Young Ltd, a famous fifth-generation
Taiwanese Tea processing company with decades of tea processing knowledge and culture. With nearly 400 stores, Presotea is now in Taiwan, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, and opening soon in Vietnam, the Philippines and the USA.

Top 10 Up & Coming Franchises in Asia

The Belgian Waffle Co.

The Belgian Waffle Co. was founded by Shrei and Alisha who graduated from American universities (Carnegie Mellon University and New York
University’s Stern School of Business).

The brand has fans ranging from the age of eight to 80 for its universally-enjoyed sweet and savoury waffles.

The Belgian Waffle Co. opened its first outlet in June 2015 and have since expanded to 150-plus outlets in 40 cities and Nepal – all in only three years!

It is currently South Asia’s largest waffle chain with 20,000 waffles sold every day and expanding to the rest of Asia.

It is the winner of the Times Food and Nightlife Awards in 2018 and Brand India by FH & RA India.

Top 10 Up & Coming Franchises in Asia


Brotzeit was founded in 2006 to introduce authentic German cuisine accompanied by world famous, quality German beer in a contemporary setting.

Brotzeit is the world’s leading franchised German casual dining restaurant concept in Asia and currently operates 18 outlets in seven countries.

Franchising since 2010, Brotzeit has successfully established a regional footprint in Asia with restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Philippines and Australia with plans to expand to 50 outlets in the region by 2020.

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