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Top 10 Fitness Franchises in Southeast Asia

Top 10 Fitness Franchises in Southeast Asia

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Healthier economies and rising standards of living together with a growing middle class have, in the cases of several Southeast Asian countries, brought with them an increased awareness and acceptance of goods and services offered by Western franchises.

Especially in the urbanised areas, a taste for fitness centers is apparent. Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpu alone hosts C.H.I. Fitness, True Fitness, Celebrity Fitness, Leanbodies Fitness Center, Jatomi Fitness, Fitology, Elements Medical Fitness, Fitness First, and more. It’s an appetite which has not gone unnoticed by Western concepts.

Fitness centers already well-established in America have been welcomed in this region and unlike other sectors, little about the concept has had to be altered to fit with local demand. And so, rather than looking at the local competition, we offer a taste of the sort of Western fitness centers which have found new homes in the East.

Top 10 Fitness Franchises in Southeast Asia

Anytime Fitness

World-beating Anytime Fitness is firmly entrenched in South East Asia. The 24/7, 365-days-a-year concept so successfully started and developed by Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen has a presence in over 20 countries worldwide and locations now operating in South East Asia include fitness centers in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and numerous in Singapore.

Top 10 Fitness Franchises in Southeast Asia

Snap Fitness

With 2,500 fitness clubs in development in 24 countries, Snap Fitness 24.7 has found South East Asia much to its liking and has successfully established itself in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries in the market for results-driven fitness centers with 24/7 access for members.

Top 10 Fitness Franchises in Southeast Asia


Ultimate Fighting Competition (UFC) operates gyms which offer members the opportunity to learn several martial arts and take part in
popular fitness classes. UFC Gym has announced plans to expand abroad
over the next several years – the franchise currently has five Philippines branches currently, four of which are based in the Metro Manila area.

Top 10 Fitness Franchises in Southeast Asia

Tapout Fitness

Tapout Fitness is a mixed martial arts-orientated output suited for people of all ages and fitness levels. The organisation currently has more than 25 locations in development in the U.S., and will have more than 500 there and overseas over the next five years, with studios earmarked for Thailand and the Philippines.

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